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Full Service Transition Services

Full Service Transition Services
We have assembled a suite of best in class services for those in transition. See the individual descriptions below.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Step 1 - Mentoring and Branding

Our mentoring and branding practice is led by branding expert Libby Gill. Libby is a frequent guest on both Transition Solutionz series special radio broadcasts for those in transition and also on Solutionz Live! She is also a member of the board of Solutionz Media.

Chicke Fitzgerald and Tiffany Topcik are also active in the mentoring practice.

Our mentors will help you evaluate who you are and what you want to be when you grow up! Libby will then help you tell your story and hone the story that describes the value that you provide to the customer.

Step 2 - Fine Tuning your Resume

Once you have locked down your branding, it is time to get your resume fine tuned to best reflect your personal brand and the contribution that you can make to a potential employer. Of course, it is often necessary to tweak your marketing based on who you are interviewing with, so through our ResuMayday process you will learn what is important about the resume as a marketing tool.

We have partnered with Chicago-based ResuMayday, headed up by Lauren Milligan. Lauren has been a frequent guest on Transition Solutionz series special radio broadcasts for those in transition. Listen to her by clicking below:

Step 3 - Online Reputation Management

The next step in the Transition Solutionz suite of services is taking a look at what a prospective employer will see when they get your well honed resume.

We begin by taking a look at your online activity, the voice that you use online and if necessary, provide an action plan to improve your online reputation.

Quite often individuals don't have a problem with a bad online reputation, it is that they have no business focused reputation beyond a profile on LinkedIn or Plaxo.

We help you build your voice via blogging, speaking (if appropriate) and writing. There are many ways to improve your reputation and it is important to monitor it on an ongoing basis.

For more information, call 1-813-925-0789 or read about our services by clicking HERE.

Step 4 - Resume Live! Promoting what you know

The fourth step in the Transition Solutionz process is to conduct a 15 minute conversational interview with you on our BlogTalkRadio channel. The interview is conducted by Chicke Fitzgerald, CEO of Solutionz Media and founder of the Solutionz Group.
Chicke is the host of Solutionz Live! radio broadcast on BlogTalkRadio. She also hosts a special series for those in Transition, where she interviews authors and experts on a wide range of practical topics.
The interview will be available in MP3 format for syndication to a wide range of social media outlets, plus can be included in correspondence with a prospective employer.

This is not a job interview, but instead showcases your views on one of three topics of your choice:
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Growth
It is our intention to help showcase what you know and position you as an expert on one of these three topics. Whether you are from an operations, technical, finance, product or marketing background, one of these topics will help you talk about what you see as important in a thriving, sustainable business.

Here is a sample Resume Live! interview:

For more information, call 1-813-925-0789

Apical's Services for Candidates

Apical Resource Group, a Toronto-based firm, has partnered with Solutionz Media to provide a suite of services to individuals in transition. Whether a candidate is looking for a new permanent position, a long term consulting project or just keeping their eyes out for the perfect opportunity, Apical can help.

Their process includes the following four steps:
  • TARGETING - Apical formalizes a target list, based on the mentoring and branding work that was done in STEP 1 of the Transition Solutionz process. They hone in on the specifics of who do you want to work for and why.
  • THE SEARCH - It is Apical's core competency to mine their broad network of companies to ensure that they can pitch you to the right opportunity.
  • THE INTERVIEW - In STEP 2 of the Transition Solutionz Process you will fine tune your marketing piece (the all important resume) and will get basic training on how to maximize the interview opportunity. In this step, Apical takes that training and helps you tailor it to the specific companies you will be talking to and provides insights on the individuals that you will be speaking to.
  • PLACEMENT - Apical will see you through the entire placement process, coaching you through your negotiations and celebrating your success with the rest of the Apical/Solutionz team!
For more information on Apical, click HERE

Monday, May 11, 2009

Solutionz Media Partners with Apical Resources to help those in transition

Apical Resource Group

Transition Solutionz - Company Overview

Transition Solutionz is a part of Solutionz Media. It is our goal to help individuals navigation work/life transitions, whether it be a job change, an industry change, escape from Corporate America to an entrepreneurial life or a sabbatical.

Transition Solutionz has two products:

1. Resume Live!
Resume Live! is a service which allows an individual to showcase their expertise/talents in a 15 minute interview on innovation, leadership or growth. The interview is recorded via phone and is available to be syndicated out over a wide range of social media.

The Resume Live! interview is appropriate for those that are working to be seen as authoritative on a particular topic, those that are looking to change careers or companies and those that are seeking venture capital for an early stage venture.

Here is a sample interview:

2. Online Reputation Audit and Management

We are now living and working in a different time where polishing our online and offline image is an essential part of achieving our business vision. Transition Solutionz provides a series of services to help individuals guage their current reputation and to manage it on an ongoing basis.

We begin by helping you assess your overall goals behind your online participation and to see how your current activity is playing into that goal or working against it. Often for our clients, it isn't a bad reputation that needs to be fixed, but the problem is no real online reputation at all.

For more information about our programs, click HERE

Additionally, we host a special radio show series called Transition Solutionz. To listen to archived broadcasts, click HERE.