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Full Service Transition Services

Full Service Transition Services
We have assembled a suite of best in class services for those in transition. See the individual descriptions below.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Step 1 - Mentoring and Branding

Our mentoring and branding practice is led by branding expert Libby Gill. Libby is a frequent guest on both Transition Solutionz series special radio broadcasts for those in transition and also on Solutionz Live! She is also a member of the board of Solutionz Media.

Chicke Fitzgerald and Tiffany Topcik are also active in the mentoring practice.

Our mentors will help you evaluate who you are and what you want to be when you grow up! Libby will then help you tell your story and hone the story that describes the value that you provide to the customer.

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