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Full Service Transition Services

Full Service Transition Services
We have assembled a suite of best in class services for those in transition. See the individual descriptions below.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Apical's Services for Candidates

Apical Resource Group, a Toronto-based firm, has partnered with Solutionz Media to provide a suite of services to individuals in transition. Whether a candidate is looking for a new permanent position, a long term consulting project or just keeping their eyes out for the perfect opportunity, Apical can help.

Their process includes the following four steps:
  • TARGETING - Apical formalizes a target list, based on the mentoring and branding work that was done in STEP 1 of the Transition Solutionz process. They hone in on the specifics of who do you want to work for and why.
  • THE SEARCH - It is Apical's core competency to mine their broad network of companies to ensure that they can pitch you to the right opportunity.
  • THE INTERVIEW - In STEP 2 of the Transition Solutionz Process you will fine tune your marketing piece (the all important resume) and will get basic training on how to maximize the interview opportunity. In this step, Apical takes that training and helps you tailor it to the specific companies you will be talking to and provides insights on the individuals that you will be speaking to.
  • PLACEMENT - Apical will see you through the entire placement process, coaching you through your negotiations and celebrating your success with the rest of the Apical/Solutionz team!
For more information on Apical, click HERE

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