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Full Service Transition Services

Full Service Transition Services
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Step 4 - Resume Live! Promoting what you know

The fourth step in the Transition Solutionz process is to conduct a 15 minute conversational interview with you on our BlogTalkRadio channel. The interview is conducted by Chicke Fitzgerald, CEO of Solutionz Media and founder of the Solutionz Group.
Chicke is the host of Solutionz Live! radio broadcast on BlogTalkRadio. She also hosts a special series for those in Transition, where she interviews authors and experts on a wide range of practical topics.
The interview will be available in MP3 format for syndication to a wide range of social media outlets, plus can be included in correspondence with a prospective employer.

This is not a job interview, but instead showcases your views on one of three topics of your choice:
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Growth
It is our intention to help showcase what you know and position you as an expert on one of these three topics. Whether you are from an operations, technical, finance, product or marketing background, one of these topics will help you talk about what you see as important in a thriving, sustainable business.

Here is a sample Resume Live! interview:

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